10 best hikes in the world

Inspiration is never far away, and to light the fuse, we've curated the top hiking destinations around the world that will entice even the more rebellious of readers. It's a big world out there.

Located 124 miles southwest of Melbourne, where the Australian coast meets the wild Southern Ocean.

1. The Great Ocean Walk, Australia

Spanning 270 miles in Sweden’s far north Lapland province, The King's Trail is superlative for its remote edge-of-the-world vibe.

2. Kungsleden, Sweden

3. Wales Coast Path, UK

4. The Jordan Trail, Jordan

5. Gotemba Trail, Japan

6. Waitukubuli National Trail, Dominica

7. Kalalau Trail, USA

8. Whale Trail, South Africa

9. Mount Meru, Tanzania

10. Dientes Circuit Trek, Chile

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