Best Hotels In Downtown Paris

La Réserve Paris – Hôtel and Spa

With numerous reviews reflecting the staff's meticulous attention to detail, it's clear that the impeccable service at this 40-room urban.

Hotel Grand Powers

As Parisian neighborhoods are viewed, it doesn't get more beautiful than the Golden Triangle, the Champs-Élysées and the Avenue Montaigne.

Le Cinq Codet

We've seen other historically inclined Parisian luxury hotels, but none that so expertly evoke the essence of this particular era.

Edgar & Achille

No relation to Degas, if that's what you're thinking: housed in an old textile workshop in the fast-growing Paris neighborhood known as Little Egypt.

Hôtel Adèle & Jules

When we launched the tablet we complained that only the grand old palatial hotels in Paris were buying it. We've been forced to speak our mind dozens of times.

Brach Paris

The tabloid has been online long enough to see the many developments of Philippe Starck's hospitality-design career, and with Brach Paris.

Le Roch

A hotel that offers some kind of local feel, whether it's a mural artist in the lobby or a cocktail bar that draws in the neighborhood for after-work drinks.

Hôtel Monge Paris

It would be an understatement to say that there is no such thing as a new building in central Paris. There are some but new uses for old buildings are very common.

Hotel Bowmann Paris

Although it's a newcomer to Paris' luxury-hotel scene, Hotel Bouman has no trouble fitting in: It's classic Haussmannian architecture, modern furniture design.

The Saint James Paris

Suffice it to say that St. James is nothing but distinctive. A Hôtel Particulier, a freestanding house in Paris, is quite unusual.

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