best hotels in Portugal

Portugal has become a real contender when it comes to city breaks, beach holidays and road trips in Europe. A short drive from the UK with golden beaches, bustling cities and a historic wine region.

This family-friendly spot is perfect for those on a mission to relax on the picturesque south coast of the Algarve.

Pine Cliffs Luxury Resort, Algarve

Rocco, one of our picks for best new hotel in the world, the in-house restaurant at The Evens Lisbon, is already one of the best restaurants in Lisbon.

The Ivens, Lisbon

Reed's Palace, perched on craggy cliffs above the Atlantic Ocean, is a distinctive salmon pink hotel attracting smart travelers.

Reid's Palace, A Belmond Hotel, Madeira

was converted into the first hotel to open on the Algarve. , and once you're through the high, iron gateways.

Bela Vista Hotel & Spa, Algarve

Portugal's second largest city has no shortage of quirky boutique hotels, managing to tread the line neatly between unique and gimmicky.

Torel Avantgarde, Porto

In this area of fishing villages and surf shacks, there was really only one hotel worth considering, and that's a place called the Sublime.

Quinta da Comporta, Comporta

It was in 2012 when French winemaker Philippe Oostruy first hit the estate's dusty, semi-paved path. the sun-scorched vineyards were very primitive.

Quinta Da Corte, Douro Valley

Torel 1884, Porto

Across the street from Torel 1884, a mustachioed man occasionally walks out of a workshop in blue tiles.

3HB Faro, Faro

It's a first for Faro - finally, a glamorous place to stay in the capital of the Algarve.

Casa Fortunato, Lisbon

It is home to Antonio and Philip Fortunato, their four children and Cacao, the lovable half-blind Labrador, who all live in the spacious attic.

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