Best Kayaking Spot In Glacier Bay

Bartlett Cove

The gateway to Glacier Bay National Park, Bartlett Cove offers calm waters for beginners and a chance to explore the glacier-carved bay's diverse marine life.

Muir Inlet

Paddle through Muir Inlet to witness massive tidewater glaciers and breathtaking icebergs, surrounded by towering mountains.

Johns Hopkins Glacier

The Middle Fork of the Salmon River offers a remote and scenic rafting experience with a mix of rapids and calm stretches.

Tidal Inlet

Navigate the pristine waters of Tidal Inlet, observing wildlife like humpback whales, sea otters, and bald eagles against the backdrop of glaciers.

Blue Mouse Cove

Known for its abundance of harbor seals, Blue Mouse Cove offers calm waters and opportunities for wildlife spotting.

Gloomy Knob

Paddle along the shore of Gloomy Knob, watching for brown bears and enjoying the picturesque landscapes of Glacier Bay.

Bartlett Cove to Beardslee Islands

This route takes you through the Beardslee Islands, where you can explore sea caves, arches, and secluded coves.

North and South Marble Islands

These rocky islets are filled with wildlife including seabirds and sea lions, creating an incredible kayaking and wildlife-viewing experience.

Lamplugh Glacier

Witness the impressive Lamplugh Glacier from the water, with opportunities to spot floating ice and marine animals.

Sebree Cove

Paddle into Sebree Cove for a chance to see the vibrant blue colors of glaciers and to immerse yourself in Glacier Bay's natural beauty.

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