Best Luxury Train Rides In The U.S.

Rocky Mountaineer 

The Rocky Mountaineer passes through some of the most spectacular scenery out there, and you can watch it all through glass-domed coaches with oversize windows.

Hickory Creek Car

It's a car, not a train: the rearmost car of the 20th Century Limited train. Features a "lookout lounge" with large picture windows overlooking the Hudson River.

The Bourbon Excursion

Take a 2.5-hour tour aboard the My Old Kentucky Dinner Train as you take a bustling round-trip tour through 32 miles of beautiful Kentucky countryside tasting local bourbon.

Napa Valley Wine Train

You'll want to come a little prepared for this excursion into Napa's wine country with delicious food and tastings on the train.

First Class Car on the Strasburg Railroad

Relax for 45 minutes in the exquisite presidential car with wood-paneled interior and built-in furnishings.

First Class Caboose on the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad

Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad offers a classic steam train excursion through the Sierra National Forest.

GoldStar Service on the Denali Star

The seats may not be as fancy as those on the Alaska Railroad, but the views are spectacular. Premium Goldstar Service Class with glass dome roof.

Acela train

More famous for its Amtrak serviceable ride, the Acela train has a first class cabin — and it received a refreshed menu in May.

Luxury Dome on the Grand Canyon Railway

In these grand parlor cars, you'll take in amazing views from the Observation Dome with huge windows that capture the grandeur of the Grand Canyon.

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