Best Money-Saving Tips for New York

What most people in New York City don't realize is that you can travel New York City on a budget. We've put together a list of the best money-saving tips for anyone planning a trip to the Big Apple.

#1 You have to have a plan.

#2 Consider Alternatives for Arriving in New York City.

#3 Plan Your Trip at a Less Busy Time of the Year!.

#4 Go for Queens & Brooklyn.

#5 Take A (Free) Ride on A Ferry.

#6 Sign Up to be an Audience Member at a Live Show.

#7 Look for Discount Broadway Tickets.

#8 Free Guided Tours in NYC.

#9 Spend Time Outdoors at one of the many Parks in NYC.

#10 Take Advantage of Free Events and Historical Sights.

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