National Parks for couple traveling

1. Mammoth Cave — Kentucky

Mammoth Cave National Park is an American national park in west-central Kentucky, encompassing portions of Mammoth Cave.

2. Everglades — Florida

Everglades National Park protects an unparalleled landscape that provides important habitat for numerous rare and endangered species like the manatee.

3. Congaree — South Carolina

The Congaree River is a short but wide river in South Carolina in the United States; It flows for approximately 53 miles.

4. Badlands — South Dakota

Badlands National Park is in South Dakota. Its dramatic landscapes span layered rock formations, steep canyons and towering spires.

5. Carlsbad Caverns — New Mexico

6. Guadalupe Mountains — Texas

7. Yellowstone — Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

8. Grand Teton — Wyoming

9. Mesa Verde — Colorado

10. Redwood — California

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