Best National Parks In Charlotte, NC

Charlotte residents are fortunate to have a great selection of urban parks and greenways at their disposal. Walkers, runners and hikers will find.

1.Clark’s Creek Greenway

Beginning at the Kirk Farm soccer field, the Clark's Creek Greenway connects to the Mallard Creek Greenway, providing an easily accessible paved trail.

2.Colonel Francis Beatty Park

Charlotte residents and visitors are fortunate to have a sprawling 265-acre recreation area right on their doorstep in the South Park area.

3.Park Near Me: Edgehill Park

Edgehill Park is located in the Myers Park neighborhood of Charlotte, where it provides a very pleasant urban park to locals.

4.Parks in Charlotte, North Carolina: First Ward Park

5.Parks in Charlotte, North Carolina: Frazier Park

6.Parks in Charlotte, North Carolina: Freedom Park

7.Parks Near Me: Hornet’s Nest Park

8.Parks in Charlotte, North Carolina: Independence Park

9.Charlotte, NC Parks: Latta Park

10.Charlotte, NC Parks: Marshall Park

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