National Parks
in the Southwest

the best national parks in the Southwest. The National Park System is the country’s crown jewel of the outdoors. Here are some of the best national parks in the southwest that deserve consideration.

Colorado: Great Sand Dunes National Park

Why RV Camp in Great Sand Dunes?

At 8234′ feet altitude, it’s a cool place to camp in summer.
Giant sand dunes at the base of sky high mountains is an incredible sight to see.

What to know about RV camping in Great San Dunes

Small RVs under 33-feet-long (including truck and trailer) are best.
Stock up, you’re far away from services and shopping.

Utah: Cedar Breaks National Monument

Why Go Camping at Cedar Breaks National Monument?

At 10,000′ feet altitude, the moonscape geology and terrain is like nowhere else in Utah.

What to Know About RV Camping at Cedar Breaks National Monument

Getting there involves a steep, windy, mountain road that isn’t ideal for larger RVs.

New Mexico: Chaco Culture National Historic Park

Arizona: Canyon de Chelly National Monument

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