Best Paragliding Spots in North America

Paragliding in Sedona Red Rocks, USA

When you visit Sedona, pray it doesn't rain so you can breathe fresh desert air – scents of juniper blossoms, red clay, limestone and wildflowers.

Paragliding in Jean Ridge Dry Bed, USA

This amazing spot is a favorite for paragliders in Las Vegas and around the world. The range is about a mile long and is composed mostly of soft sand and rocks.

Paragliding in Glenwood Springs, USA

If you want to see and experience spectacular and breathtaking bird's eye view while flying then you must visit Glenwood Springs.

Paragliding in Good Springs

This paragliding spot is located near the city of Goodsprings. This is a great place for desert thermal-flight. You with a scheduled flight record of 62 miles.

Paragliding in Point of the Mountain, USA

When you're done exploring Salt Lake City, drive to the point in the mountain where the real paragliding fun begins.

Paragliding in Sun Valley, USA

Sun Valley is a very popular ski resort in the United States. However, apart from being a great skiing destination, Sun Valley is also a great place for paragliding.

Paragliding in Hawaii, USA

It's no question Hawaii's most famous dream-like landscape – the azure waters of the Pacific, lush mountain peaks and amazing Hawaiian volcanoes.

Paragliding in Tiger Mountain, USA

Tiger Mountain in the United States is an excellent spot for beginner paragliders, and this is where people go to hover over Issaquah like a bird.

Paragliding in Golden, Canada

Canada is a great country for paragliding because of its amazing mountains and its wild and untouched nature. if you are a beginner.

Paragliding in Puebla, Mexico

It seems that Puebla exists only for the intense thrill of flight that it provides. Even if you don't have flying experience, you don't have to worry.

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