Best parks in Lubbock TX

Lubbock has more neighborhood parks per capita than any city in the state. Here are Campus Live’s top parks in Lubbock to explore! Each park has unique things that set them apart from one another.

This park has a magical and otherworldly atmosphere. The river is straight out of a fantastical world with mythical roots and vines

Aztlan Park

Everyone in Lubbock should visit the Prairie Dog Town! Be sure to pack raisins, carrots, or lettuce to feed a prairie dog. 

Mackenzie Park

With an exceptionally modern design, its playground features many moving parts such as spinning poles, bouncing bridges, rope walls

Hoel Park

Maxey Park

Frank Higinbotham Park

Tech Terrace Park

Mae Simmons Park

Urbanovsky Park

Wagner Park

Clapp Park

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