Best Places For Archery In Sedona

Sedona Archery Range

This dedicated archery range in Sedona provides a safe and controlled environment for archery enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Red Rock State Park

With its stunning natural beauty, Red Rock State Park offers a serene setting for archery, allowing you to practice your skills amidst the iconic red rock formations.

Crescent Moon Ranch

This area along Oak Creek offers not only beautiful scenery but also a suitable space for archery practice, surrounded by the tranquility of nature.

Coconino National Forest

While adhering to park regulations, you can find spots within the Coconino National Forest where you can enjoy archery.

Slide Rock State Park

While primarily known for its water slide, Slide Rock State Park also offers areas where you can safely engage in archery activities.

Posse Grounds Park

Located in nearby Cottonwood, this park has facilities for various outdoor sports, including archery, making it a versatile option for practicing your skills.

Blazin' M Ranch

 This western-themed attraction offers archery along with other activities, providing a unique and enjoyable archery experience.

Private Ranches

Some private ranches in the Sedona area offer archery experiences and lessons, allowing you to refine your skills under expert guidance.


Some campgrounds in the Sedona vicinity may allow archery within designated areas, giving you the opportunity to combine camping

Guided Tours

Consider joining guided archery tours in Sedona, where experienced instructors can lead you to suitable locations and provide valuable tips.

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