Best Places For Dinner In El Paso, TX

Once considered nothing more than a border stop, El Paso is now a vacation-worthy destination in its own right—and while its perks are plentiful, El Paso's best restaurants keep stealing the show.

1. Tacoholics

This taco joint is a favorite among locals, and you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. But you can only eat once at Tachoholics.

Chile Rellenos like L&J's have been a favorite of locals for nearly a century, and the restaurant has won numerous awards and honors over the years.

2. L & J Café

3. Café Central

Cafe Central aims to impress: the seasonal cuisine is reliably excellent, with popular menu items such as miso chili sea bass and grilled angus tenderloin.

4. Zino’s Greek

5. Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

6. Salma Farah’s

7. Ardovino’s Desert Crossing

8. The Hoppy Monk

9. Kiki’s Mexican Restaurant

10. Café Mayapan

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