Best places for dinner in Henderson NV

The following is a list of the best restaurants dinner in the city. I paid close attention to the meal prices, menu selections, and the beer, wine, and spirits if available. 

We start the list with a place that is rumored to have the best Mexican dishes in Henderson! All of Juan’s tortillas are homemade 

Juan’s Flaming Fajitas & Cantina

Gaati Thai Kitchen brings the authentic taste of Thai to Nevada! There are more curries to choose from than I even knew existed 

Gaati Thai Kitchen

The first thing that sticks out on the menu for Lucille’s Smokehouse would be the names of some of the dishes, which include cracked out deviled eggs

Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

Le Cafe Du Lac

Omelet House

Todd’s Unique Dining

Johnny Mac’s Sports Bar & Grill


I Love Sushi

Hank’s Fine Steaks & Martinis

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