Best Places For Dinner In Paris

And whatever your budget, there's something for you. The restaurants we've selected for this list not only serve great food — we love them for their ambiance, creativity, and buzz.

1. Septime

We will never cease to be amazed by Septim's ability to renew itself and push the boundaries year after year. For perfect decor, spot-on but not unpleasant service.

2. Les Enfants du Marché

What you see is essentially what you get at this tiny restaurant—counters lined with fresh produce in the Marche des Enfants-Rouges.

3. Mokonuts

4. Les Arlots

5. Abri

6. Restaurant Passerini

7. Miznon

8. Clamato

9. Dersou

10. Waly-Fay

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