Best Places For Dinner In Seattle, WA

Seafood lovers, lick those lips; You are in for a treat. Seattle's setting on Puget Sound may make it a magnet for rainy days, but it also guarantees great seafood.

1. Canlis

There's nothing like great food, and the Canellis know it. Great for a big date or a super fancy celebration, the restaurant has expert winegrowers.

2. Archipelago

This intimate, inventive restaurant in Hillman City blends Pacific Northwest cuisine with Filipino-American flavors.

3. Meesha

Try Indian cuisine in a whole new way at Meesha. Contemporary cuisine bursting with flavour, a simple celebration.

4. Xi'an Noodles

5. Bruciato

6. Sisters and Brothers

7. Matt’s in the Market

8. Sushi Kashiba

9. Un Bien

10. Westward

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