Best places for dinner Philadelphia, PA

Not long ago, a friend texted me to say that for the first time in years, she was enjoying a meal at a restaurant in Philly. Fun with a capital F.

1. Her Place Supper Club

After Years We Diners Desperately Avoid Each Other, Every Place Is a Philly Restaurant.

2. Friday Saturday Sunday

When a restaurant below operates a city-defining bar and a $150 tasting menu, the natural question becomes.

3. Kalaya

When chef Chutatip "Nok" Sunturnen announced that his beloved Bella Vista Thai restaurant was moving to a Fishtown warehouse.

4. Ambra

You can grab a bang at Philly's many Italian restaurants, but Chris D'Umbro's re-imagined Umbra is the one to covet this year.

5. Kim’s BBQ

6. Southeast Asian Market at FDR Park

7. Zahav

8. Royal Sushi & Izakaya

9. Vernick Fish

10. Zeppoli

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