Best Places for in Henderson NV

Henderson is a city in Nevada that boasts a vibrant food scene featuring plenty of up-and-coming pizza jointsIf you’re planning a pizza trip here, we have compiled some list for you.

Settebello was opened in 2004, and it’s one of the first restaurants in the country to prepare Neapolitan pizza traditionally for its good taste.

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana

It serves a fantastic selection of artisan pizza and beers on tap,It is not your average pizza place; it combines flavorful eat with buzzing nightlife energy.

Pizza Rock

Johnny Mac’s

Johnny Mac’s is a hidden gem that has been serving the residents of Henderson since 1983.this joint is also famous for its pasta, burgers, sandwiches, and everyday special

Metro Pizza

 Blaze Pizza

Bistro Pizza

Balboa Pizza Company

Sunset Pizzeria

Marco’s Pizza

Water Street Pizzeria

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