Best Places For Mountain Biking In Miami

Everglades National Park

If you enter Everglades National Park via the Ernest Coe Visitor Center, you’ll hit the mile-long Anhinga Trail.

Rickenbacker Causeway

The Rickenbacker Causeway connects Miami to Key Biscayne over the Bay, then turns into Crandon Boulevard and goes all the way to the end of the Key.

Old Cutler Road

This picturesque road shaded by towering banyan trees and flanked by gorgeous homes (and few traffic lights) is a beautiful spot for a ride on a hot day.

Amelia Earhart Park

A day at Amelia Earhart Park would have you believe that sand is for suckers. With biking trails, state-of-the-art soccer fields, a dog park, and farming demonstration.

Black Creek Trail

Many locals get a chance to walk, run and bike on the Black Creek Trail. It stretches for 8.5 miles from Larry and Penny Thompson Park to Black Point Marina.

Larry & Penny Thompson Park

Larry and Penny Thompson Park is a gorgeous, 270-acre park featuring South Florida woodlands, trails, and hiking paths.

Matheson Hammock Park

The park covers more than 630 acres and features lots of biking and walking trails, banyan trees, a kite boarding cove, boat launch ramp, restaurants, and picnic pavilions.

Homestead Bayfront Park

Ginnie Springs is a privately owned park along the Santa Fe River near the town of High Springs.

South Pointe Park and Pier

The southernmost tip of South Beach is also one of its most beautiful spots. You can keep breaking north from here until the boardwalk begins.

Venetian Causeway

The Venetian Causeway was built in 1913 and it remains the best way to get from the mainland to South Beach.

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