Best Places For Paragliding In The US

Sedona Red Rocks, USA

It has also become an extremely popular destination for flying enthusiasts and adventure-seekers

Jean Ridge Dry Bed, USA

This wonderful place is a favorite for paragliders from Las Vegas and all over the world.

Glenwood Springs, USA

You must go to Glenwood Springs if you want to see and experience a fantastic and spectacular bird’s eye view while flying.

Good Springs

This Paragliding spot is situated near the town of Goodsprings. This is a great place for desert thermal-flying.

Point of the Mountain, USA

Pick a starting spot depending on your level of skill and the weather, and enjoy your flight.

Sun Valley, USA

Sun Valley is a very popular ski resort in the United States. Sun Valley is also a great place to paraglide.

Hawaii, USA

This is no questioning Hawaii’s most well-known dreamlike landscape ― the azure waters of the Pacific.

Tiger Mountain, USA

The Tiger Mountain in the United States is an excellent spot for beginner paraglider, and it’s where people go to hover over Yakuza like a bird.

Golden, Canada

Canada is a great country for paragliding because of its amazing mountains and its wild and untouched nature.

Puebla, Mexico

Puebla seems like it exists solely for the intense thrill of flying that it provides. Even if you don’t have experience flying

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