Best Places On Earth With No Gravity

Stone of Davasko, Argentina

The Dawasco Stone was an enormous 300-ton boulder that stood on the sheer edge of the rock while balancing on its own fulcrum. 

Kyaikitiyo Pagoda, Myanmar

A visit to Myanmar's golden boulder is a sure way to be mesmerized by an unusual sight. 

The Mysterious Road, Jeju, South Korea

On an island called Jeju in South Korea is a road that has fascinated people from all over the world due to the unique conditions surrounding it. 

Mystery Spot, California, United States

The Mystery spot in Santa Cruz is the perfect spot to enjoy a gravity-defying experience.

Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA

Hoover Dam draws in approximately a million visitors yearly, many of whom do not just come for the views but also for the gravity-defying behavior of this place.

Gravity Hill, Mount Aragats, Armenia

At the foot of the highest peak in Armenia lies Gravity Hill, where gravity does not seem to work. 

Magnetic Hill, Moncton, Canada

Canada is full of interesting things, and the magnetic hill is definitely one of them. 

Rua Do Amendoim, Brazil

A street in Brazil has been known to leave people checking their sanity for a moment due to the mysterious occurrence on the road. 

Hudson Bay Area, Canada

Optical illusions may be an excuse that gravity exists in an area but not in the Hudson Bay Area. 

Kinder Downfall, England

Everything including water is usually under the influence of gravity, but the Kinder Downfall in England seems to sometimes disagree. 

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