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Bass Lakes

Largemouth bass is the most popular freshwater gamefish in the United States. There are plenty of lakes in Ohio for catching lurcher largemouth.

Catfish Lakes

Channel, flathead, and blue catfish are native to Ohio's rivers and streams, but they are also found in many Ohio lakes.

Crappie Lakes

Crappies are some of the most popular panfish among Ohio fishermen. These fish are abundant and can often be caught in large numbers. those tables for rent.

Hybrid Striped Bass Lakes

Hybrid striped bass are a mix between white bass and striped bass. They are some of the toughest fighting fish found in Ohio.

Muskellunge Lakes

Muskellunge (or muskrats) are native to both the Ohio River and Lake Erie drainage basins. They spanned these areas in the early to mid 1800s.

Saugeye Lakes

The Saugei is a cross between a Walleye and a Sauger. This hybridization sometimes occurs naturally. Most of the saweye in Ohio waters are controlled by the ODNR.

Walleye Lakes

As mentioned in the beginning, Ohio does not have a state fish. However, there have been several attempts to name an official fish for the state.

Yellow Perch Lakes

Yellow perch is a native Ohio fish that has historically been in high demand due to the mild, sweet flavor of its fillets.

Lake Louisa State Park

You can still enjoy nature in America's electricity capital. The natural theme park Lake Louisa State Park is only 20 minutes away.

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