10 best places to get brunch in Berlin

You're in Berlin for the weekend, and you've experienced its nightlife scene firsthand. You need some brunch. And lucky for you, Berlin has it in buckets.

You’re in Berlin, so it would be simply rude not to indulge in a proper classic German brunch while you’re there.

1. Hallmann & Klee

For years, Berlin lagged behind in the brunch department; Australian-owned coffee house Silo shook the city out of its droll root to the tune of fresh-baked eggs and avocado toast.

2. Silo Coffee

3. Father Carpenter

4. Brammibal’s Donuts

5. Markthalle Neun Brunch Market

6. Das Gift

7. Hallesches Haus

8. Fine Bagels

9. Azzam

10. La Femme

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