10 Best Places to Go in the UK in 2023

Every winter, we look ahead to the year ahead and consider what destinations to look forward to. Don't miss our global list of international destinations to visit next year.

Manchester has always been about redbrick urbanity and vocal street culture, but in 2022 something changed: it got greener.

1. Manchester, England

It’s been a few decades since actor Richard Burton famously described laverbread – seaweed, mixed with oats and fried in bacon fat – as the Welshman’s caviar.

2. Wales

The grand Regency facades, the gurgling River Avon and the intricate web of streets that lead toward the grandeur of the famed Royal Crescent.

3. Bath, England

4. Glasgow, Scotland

5. Eastbourne, England

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

7. Kent, England

8. Inverness, Scotland

9. Liverpool, England

10. Yorkshire, England

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