Best Places To Kayak In Alaska

Kenai Fjords, AK

Our first recomendation for kayaking in Alaska is the Kenai Fjords. It’s a huge national park and is the only area in the United States.

Eklutna Lake, AK

Up next we have Eklutna Lake which is a popular for two reasons. One, it is a short drive from Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city.

Sitka Sound, AK

Another beautiful kayaking location in Alaska is the Sitka Sound. The views of the wild Alaskan.

Nancy Lake, AK

When you picture a quiet, smooth as glass lake with the sun setting over the trees, you picture Nancy Lake just outside of Anchorage.

Yukon Island, AK

In at number 5 we have Yukon Island island is quite overgrown and wild, but you can still camp on the shores if you like.

Halibut Cove AK

Halibut Cove may be the name of this little fishing town, but it is its unique features for kayak enthusiasts that draws a lot of attention. 

Gastineau Channel, AK

Most people know Juneau is the state capital, but a lot of people don’t realize that Juneau is part island.

Tebay River, AK

For those of you who prefer the thrill of whitewater rapids in a kayak there are hundreds of rivers and creeks around Alaska.

Noyes Island, AK

Another interesting place to go in your kayak is Noyes Island. It has many sea caves as well as places to see puffins.

Nome, AK

Nome is one of the last cities in the western part of the state. If you kayak around the shores of Nome.

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