Best Places To Kayak In Cincinnati

Little Miami River, OH

The Little Miami River flows east of town and is a protected National Wild and Scenic River.

Great Miami River, OH

Mirroring the Little Miami, the Great Miami River is on the west side of the city. It’s the only National Water Trail in Ohio.

Whitewater River, OH

The river flows out of Indiana and comes into Ohio near Harrison before continuing south to its confluence with the Great Miami River.

Winton Woods, OH

Vinton Woods is a 2,555-acre park with a lot to offer. Landside there are horse riding, golf, tennis, camping, picnic areas and playgrounds.

Miami Whitewater Forest Harbor, OH

Another great county park run by Hamilton County is Miami Whitewater Forest.

Ohio River, OH

The Ohio River is a big shipping river, evident from the many barges plying its waters and the enormous bridges that crisscross it.

Ceasar Creek State Park, OH

One of the biggest lakes in the area is the 2,830-acre Ceasars Creek Reservoir located inside Ceasar Creek State Park.

East Fork State Park, OH

One of the largest state parks in Ohio, East Fork has a little bit of everything. Harsha Lake is the primary draw for paddlers, though.

Licking River, KY

The Licking River flows north out of Kentucky to its confluence with the Ohio.

Ancient Valley River Gorge, OH

Todds Fork is a tiny twisting creek that’s a lot of fun when swollen from periods of rain.

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