Best Places To Kayak In St. Louis

Meramec State Park, MO

Beginner paddlers and families will love paddling in Meramec State Park. The Meramec River has a gentle current through the state park.

Lake Lincoln in Cuivre River

Cuivre River was named after a French explorer. Cuivre River is often called the “Little Ozarks” due to its picturesque scenery.

Big River in Washington

The Big River flows through Washington State Park, Twin River Park, Cedar Hill Park, and St. Francois State Park.

Huzzah Creek, MO

This narrow creek features constant twists and offers beautiful vistas around each turn.

Sam A. Baker State Park, MO

The spectacular St. Francois mountains provide a breathtaking vista as you kayak this untouched landscape.

Gasconade River, MO

Gasconade River is less frequented than some more popular kayaking destinations but is truly enjoyable and relaxing.

St. Francis River, MO

If you are a more advanced paddler and enjoy whitewater kayaking, check out the Saint stretch on the St. Francis River.

Creve Coeur Lake, MO

Creve Coeur Lake offers peaceful paddling on a large lake. Creve Coeur in French for “broken heart”.

Simpson Lake, MO

Simpson Lake is a great spot for beginners and families. It has been named one of the best places to go fishing as a family.

Black River, MO

The Black River is crystal clear and offers paddlers beautiful mountain views and fishing. Tall, lush trees line the shores.

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