Best Places To Kayak Near Maui

Makena Landing, HI

Located in South Maui and part of Makena Landing Park, you'll launch from a sandy beach in an area used by local kayak fishermen and hobie catamaran boaters.

Turtle Town, HI

After proceeding past Makena Landing, it's not far to Turtle Town. However, these two places should not be confused as merely two parts of the same route.

Lahaina, HI

Another calmer water option is Lahaina, located just south of Lahaina Town. The views are amazing, with the West Maui Mountains in a prime location.

Kaneohe Bay, HI

Kaneohe Bay is the only bay with a coral reef and is located close to the island of Molokai for capable kayakers of all skills. 8 mile stretch of coast has calm waters.

Olowalu, HI

Moving north-west on the island of Maui, we move up to Olowalu, which is another reef location with excellent spots to kayak. 

Hanakao’o Beach Park, HI

A popular spot among locals and so secluded that tourists know little about it is Hanakao Beach Park.

Honolua Bay, HI

Located along Kapalua Beach in the Mokulia Marine Life Conservation District, Honolua Bay for kayaking, surfing and canoeing as well as snorkeling.

Pali Sea Cliffs, HI

Starting at Papalau beach and running along sea cliffs to Pali Lighthouse that protect areas that are not accessible from land.

Molokini Crater, HI

This protected volcanic atoll is part of the State Marine Life and Bird Sanctuary, and Molokini Crater offers a few options for kayakers.

West Shore, HI

Maui's west coast is home to calm and clear waters that are perfect for a day at sea. You get a bird's eye view of the spectacular and colorful coral reefs below.

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