Best Places To Kayak Near Rochester

Ellison Park, NY

Allison Park includes Irondequoit Creek and the creek. It's within the city limits, and it's a great place for beginner kayakers to test their skills.

Genesee River, NY

Although the Genesee River flows directly through Rochester, there are two large watercourses within the city. Hence, it is better to go outside the city limits to reach it.

Mendon Ponds Park, NY

Travel ten miles south of Rochester, and you'll find Mendon Ponds Park. This idyllic spot is excellent for novice kayakers and those.

Black Creek, NY

Another great spot for kayaking near rochester is Black Creek which is a tributary of the Genesee River, and you can access it from Jefferson Road in the city.

Erie Canal, NY

The famous Erie Canal is an impressive 300 miles long, and you can technically kayak the whole thing. those who don't want to go on an epic journey of that caliber.

Lake Ontario, NY

Lake Ontario is one of North America’s famous great lakes and stretches 193 miles long and 53 miles high.

Red Creek, NY

Red Creek is a tributary of the Erie Canal, and you can access it from Genesee Valley Park. It's too close to Rochester, but you'll definitely feel like it.

Buffalo River, NY

The Buffalo River is a short drive from Rochester. Instead, it's closer to Buffalo, New York, a city about an hour up the road to Lake Erie.

Canadice Lake, NY

Canadis Lake is a short drive from Rochester, and it's an excellent place to do a little paddling. canadis lake is small.

Webster Park, NY

Webster Park has a small creek and beach that is perfect for launching kayaks and canoes. It's a quiet, nice place to watch the sunset.

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