Best Places to Sandboard in New Mexico

White Sands National Park

One of the most iconic spots for sandboarding, the gypsum sand dunes of White Sands offer a unique and stunning backdrop for your sandboarding adventure.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

While primarily located in Colorado, the park's dunes extend into New Mexico. These massive dunes provide an excellent sandboarding experience.

Monahans Sandhills State Park

North Shore, Kings Beach provides a great launching point for SUP enthusiasts. The calm waters are ideal for beginners and those looking for a relaxing paddle.

Oliver Lee Memorial State Park

Nestled at the base of the Sacramento Mountains, this park boasts large dunes that are ideal for sandboarding.

Mescalero Sands

Part of the Mescalero Apache Reservation, these dunes offer a serene sandboarding experience with views of the surrounding desert landscape.

Glenrio Dunes

Found on the border between Texas and New Mexico, these dunes offer a remote and tranquil spot for sandboarding.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

While primarily known for its mountain trails, this park's dunes provide a unique sandboarding experience with the backdrop of the majestic Guadalupe Mountains.

Dunes near Alamogordo

Besides White Sands National Park, there are other smaller dune areas around Alamogordo that offer opportunities for sandboarding.

Mescalero Apache Reservation

Aside from the Mescalero Sands, other areas on the reservation might be suitable for sandboarding, offering a chance to explore different dune landscapes.

Jal Lake Park

 Located in southeastern New Mexico, this park features sand dunes that can offer an enjoyable sandboarding experience.

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