Best Places To See Wildlife In The USA

Katmai National Park & Preserve, Alaska

The Katmai National Park & Preserve is popularly known for the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes as well as its Alaskan Brown Bear. 

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming and Montana

The American Bison or American Buffalo is known as the largest land mammal in the US.

Everglades National Park, Florida

Florida has a tropical climate that is perfect for their most popular wildlife predators, the alligators, and crocodiles.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Angels Landing could have been christened for its remote path, but the tough trail is worth a hiker's efforts.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park is considered as the best place for bird watching, especially if you want to see the elegant and fierce Peregrine Falcon.

Custer State Park, South Dakota

In addition to the free-roaming bison, elk, and mule that can be seen at Custer State Park.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

The top predator here in the Big Bend National Park is the Mountain Lion. They prey on deer and other herbivore animals in the area.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

The Coyotes that can be found in the Rocky Mountain National Park are wily, smart, and very resourceful animals.

Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Missouri

The Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge in Missouri is considered as a top breeding ground for migratory birds.

Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, California

Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge was established to protect the bird habitat along with the other animals in the area.

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