best places to visit in Albania

Most travelers don't really know what to expect from this country, so let me give you a quick introduction to give you some ideas of what to see in Albania.

KSAMIL (KSAMILI) ISLANDS – a picturesque archipelago

BUTRINT (BUTRINTI) – a UNESCO-enlisted ancient town of 5 civilizations

SARANDA (SARANDË) – the No. 1 holiday destination in Albania

THE ALBANIAN RIVIERA – a series of diverse spectacular beaches

BERAT (BERATI) – the spirit of old Albania

GJIROKASTËR (GJIROKASTRA) – traditional mountain town with splendid monuments

LLOGARA PASS – one of the most panoramic roads of Europe, 1,000 m above the sea

 KOMANI (KOMAN) LAKE in the Albanian Alps

ZVËRNEC ISLAND & NARTA LAGOON – beautiful and peaceful nature

 TIRANA (TIRANË) – the lively capital of Albania

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