Best Places to Visit in Colombia

Despite past struggles, Colombians are regularly ranked among the world's happiest people. They are aware of their reputation, will go out of their way to show you how different your perceptions are.

Cartagena – a beautiful historic city and undisputed queen of the Caribbean coast

San Andres y Providencia – stunning isolated beaches, unspoiled coral reefs with a laid back island vibe

Guatape – a super cute Andean resort town and an incredible neighbouring man-made reservoir

Zona Cafetera – the beautiful coffee region where you can go on coffee tours and hot-air balloon rides

Islas del Rosario – a beautiful archipelago consisting of 27 small coral islands

Tayrona National Park –  stunning golden sandy beaches backed by coconut palms and thick rainforest

Medellin – a once dangerous city turned trendy tourist hotspot

Villa de Leyva – a pretty town known for its whitewashed colonial buildings, cobbled lanes and large Plaza Mayor

Gorgona Island – a former island prison off the Colombian coast which has been converted into a gorgeous national park

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