Best Places to Visit in Pirin

The mountain resort towns are very beautiful. If you are staying in any of them while you are in Bulgaria, there are a number of must-see places that you definitely need to add to your list.

Skakaloto waterfall is an exceptionally beautiful natural landmark which is located in a remote and isolated area of Northwest Pirin.

1. The Skakaloto Waterfall

The Popina Luka waterfall is situated at a height of 1230 meters above sea level in the western parts of the Pirin Mountains.

2. Popina Luka Waterfall

The area of Sveti Nikola is a must-see tourist destination. Can be combined with a visit to amazing waterfalls and cultural tours in dense mountain forests.

3. Sveti Nikola

4. Popovo Lake

5. Bezbog

6. Dobrinishte

7. Banderishki Lakes

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