Best Places to Visit in Veracruz

The coastal state of Veracruz has a wealth of hidden gems for you to discover, with charming colonial towns and awe-inspiring archaeological sites tucked away amid breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, the laidback town of Coatepec is a lovely place to visit that is known for one thing and one thing only – coffee.

10. Coatepec

it was at Villa Rica that Hernan Cortes, the famous Spanish explorers, established the first European settlement in the Americas north of Panama.

9. Villa Rica

8. Orizaba

7. Cempoala

6. Lago de Catemaco

5. La Antigua

4. Xalapa

3. Tlacotalpan

2. Veracruz

1. El Tajin

10. Reading Terminal Market

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