Best Restaurants in Columbus

There are hundreds of great delicious restaurants in Columbus, sure to give you an extra unique experience. Be it an incredible view, local spirits, creative flavors you're looking for,

Home of the original pancake balls, Catalina has been serving up great food in Victorian Village for decades. , Catalina focuses on locally traded organic and ethical ingredients.

1. Katalina’s Cafe

If you are looking for a restaurant ambiance that serves steak, has been one of the best restaurants in Columbus. The restaurant has a romantic setting,

2. The Top Steak House

3. Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Cafe

4. Eden Burger (temporarily closed)

5. The Boat House

6. Cafe Istanbul on Riverside Drive

7. Bossy Grrl’s Pin Up Joint

8. Rodizio Grill

9. Schmidt’s Sausage Haus

10. Watershed Kitchen & Bar

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