Best River Tubing In Texas

Comal River
(New Braunfels)

Known for its clear water and gentle rapids, the Comal River offers a pleasant tubing experience through the heart of New Braunfels.

Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe River is a popular tubing destination, offering both calm sections and more exciting rapids for tubing enthusiasts.

San Marcos River

With crystal-clear water and a steady flow, the San Marcos River provides a serene tubing experience through lush surroundings.

Frio River

The Frio River offers a picturesque tubing experience, winding through the Texas Hill Country with its refreshing waters.

Brazos River

The Brazos River provides a relaxed tubing experience, allowing you to enjoy scenic views of Waco's landscape.

Medina River 

The Medina River offers a quieter tubing experience, ideal for those seeking a more peaceful float through the Hill Country.

Barton Springs Pool

While not a river, Barton Springs is a natural spring-fed pool in Austin where you can enjoy refreshing tubing in a unique urban oasis.

Lower Wolfjaw Mountain

The Llano River's calm flow and beautiful surroundings make it a great spot for a leisurely tubing adventure.

Sabinal River (Utopia)

This moderate hike rewards climbers with picturesque views and is often chosen by those seeking a slightly shorter ascent.

Trinity River (Fort Worth)

The Trinity River in Fort Worth offers tubing experiences that allow you to enjoy the city's skyline from a unique perspective.

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