Best Scuba diving In Cape Cod

Nauset Beach

This spot offers clear waters and a variety of marine life, including sand tiger sharks and colorful schools of fish.

Marconi Beach

Known for its vibrant kelp forests and Atlantic lobsters, Marconi Beach provides a visually stunning diving experience.

Cape Cod Canal

Strong currents in the canal attract an abundance of marine life including striped bass and flounder. Divers can explore rock formations and observe underwater wildlife.

Stage Harbor

This location is famous for its shallow waters and diverse marine ecosystem. Divers can encounter seahorses, crabs, and various species of fish.

Monomoy Island

This area offers both shallow and deep diving opportunities. The waters around Monomoy Island are home to seals, sand sharks, and a variety of underwater plants.

Pollock Rip

This spot is known for encounters with seals, dolphins, and even the occasional humpback whale.

Old Silver Beach

Old Silver Beach is an excellent spot for beginner divers. Seahorses, crabs, and small fish are commonly sighted here.

Cahoon Hollow Beach

This location is perfect for divers interested in exploring underwater rock formations and spotting marine life like flounder, bluefish, and jellyfish.

Duck Harbor

Offering some of the clearest waters in Cape Cod, Duck Harbor is a great place for underwater photography and observing the local marine ecosystem.

Wellfleet Harbor

Wellfleet Harbor is a must-visit for history-loving divers. The area is home to diverse marine species as well.

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