Best Snuba Diving Spots in Maui, Hawaii

Molokini Crater

A volcanic caldera with crystal-clear waters, Molokini offers vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. Snuba divers can explore its underwater walls.

Honolua Bay

Known for its excellent visibility and underwater rock formations, Honolua Bay is a haven for marine life.

Black Rock

Located at Kaanapali Beach, Black Rock features an underwater lava rock wall teeming with marine creatures.

Makena Landing

This place is perfect for beginners as well as experienced scuba divers. Calm waters and shallow reefs with colorful coral formations at Makena Landing.

Turtle Arches

Situated off the coast of Lanai, Turtle Arches is a popular spot to encounter Hawaiian green sea turtles. Snuba divers can explore lava arches.

Coral Gardens

Near Olowalu, Coral Gardens boasts a diverse coral ecosystem and an array of marine species.

Five Caves

Another Lanai diving site, Five Caves consists of a series of underwater caves and tunnels. Snuba Diver Nudibranch and Octopus.

St. Anthony Wreck

For those interested in wreck diving, the St. Anthony Wreck offers a sunken ship resting at around 65 feet underwater.

Kapalua Bay

This bay is known for its calm waters and gentle currents, making it an ideal spot for Snuba diving.

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve

 This marine preserve offers a unique diving experience with its lava rock formations and underwater caves.

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