Best Spots For Friends Date In NYC

 The FRIENDS™ Experience

What better way to celebrate with your friends than by paying homage to a show based on the bond of friendship.

Grab a bite at Ladurée’s gorgeous garden patio 

You and your partner can feel fabulous while having a beautiful lunch in the outdoor garden of Laduree Soho. Macaroons are known for.

Take the sun at a rooftop bar like Elsewhere

It's a two for one: a fun rooftop bar and a music venue. what could be better? From DJ sets to dance parties, this art space is the place to be.

 the NY Transit Museum 

We know that mass transit isn't usually the best experience for New Yorkers, but it's a service we rely on heavily.

Catch a free concert in the Park

Maybe the place you and your friends want to watch the show is a park instead of a rooftop. From a free show in Bryant Park to a bandshell in Forest Park, Queens.

do a free workout class in the Park 

We've probably eaten too many macaroons this summer, so now is the time for you and your mates to work on it.

at Housing Works Bookstore Café

If you and your friends are coffee lovers and bookworms, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe could be your new destination.

at Amelie Wine Bar

Whether you've volunteered for the day or it's after work, wine always pairs well with friends. An intimate atmosphere to hang out with a few of your closest friends.

at QC NY Spa

A spa day is always a good day. Relax with your friends at QC NY Spa, which features a sauna, infinity spa pool, steam room and more. 

at Barcade

How could this not be on the list? Alcohol, arcade games, and friends make the Barcade experience all part of nostalgia and fun. After joining your friends in streetfighter and pinball.

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