Best Spots To Paragliding In Los Angeles

Henninger Flats

Although it may not be the best place for paragliding in Los Angeles, it certainly is a great one! Henninger Flats is located near Pasadena.

Kagel (Sylmar)

If you're looking for a place to go paragliding in Los Angeles and glide over mountains instead of the ocean, head to Los Angeles Mission College in Kagel. you open grasslands.


Also called Kardashian County, Calabasas is much more than home to the Kardashian empire. It hides various valleys and stunning mountain views which look amazing from the sky.

Saddle Peak

This is another popular spot for oxygen paragliding in Los Angeles that is located in Malibu and requires gliders to take off from the Malibu Paragliding Club.

Tuna Canyon

Another location in Malibu, Tuna Canyon is home to some of the best hiking trails in Southern California! So, if you love to hike, as well as paraglide.

Corral Canyon

Located just a short walk from Pepperdine University, gorgeous Coral Canyon offers paragliding to both professional gliders and hobbyists in the Greater Los Angeles area.

 Mount Wilson

Most people know this mighty mountain only for its beauty. But it matters more than that! Mount Wilson is another great spot for paragliding near Los Angeles.

Mount Lukens

The thrill and excitement of paragliding on Mount Wilson can only be matched by Mount Lukens. This is another favorite spot for paragliders in California.

Point Mugu

Another famous paragliding spot near Los Angeles is Point Mugu, located near Malibu. It will take you flying over the alluring Laguna Peak and then over the mighty mountains.


Blackhawk is another notable paragliding spot near this lovely town that you can reach from San Bernardino with just an hour's drive.

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