Best Surfing Spots in California

Windansea Beach

It is a rapid, straight flight with a rapid left or right arm wave. It can reach 15 feet in summer, but is more often 6 to 10 feet. waves have a distinct peak.


It is a beach break with a changing sandy bottom which makes the surf extremely variable. you are on the north or south side of the pier.

San Onofre State Beach

The well-known San Onofre Surfing Club has around 1,000. Many members camp on the beach, and luaus and weekend parties are common.


It is a thin, steep wave on the right, sometimes on the left, with rapid straight up and down flight. It is usually 3-4 feet tall but sometimes reaches up to 15 feet.

Dana Point

Killer Dana, one of its most famous locations, was destroyed to build Dana Point Harbor. Best surf was beside the point. it was a slow wave with not much power.

Brooks Street Beach

This is an excellent beach break with nice left hand waves that reach heights of 10 or 12 feet. they can be surfed at this height.

Newport Beach

Newport Jetty is also excellent for bodysurfing and skimboarding. There's a good-sized parking lot in front, but it is charged for, and many tickets are given out.

Huntington Beach

The annual surfing competition - the US Open of Surfing - has made Huntington Beach the surfing capital of California. Pear shooting is popular.

Seal Beach

At most jetty breaks, you surf into the jetty, but at Seal Beach, you surf away from it. In the past, the warm water from the power plant made for enjoyable surfing.

Palos Verdes' The Cove, 

This is a slow left hand longboard wave - a San Onofre-type surf break. The rollers come in very slowly from the sea and don't stand out very much.

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