Best Tapas In Barcelona[2023]

Casa de Tapes Cañota

El Canota is a Galicia-inspired seafood tapas bar, and it comes with a pedigree. It is the younger brother of the famous Rías de Galicia.

Betlem Miscel·lània Gastronòmica

Betlem was a corner store that helped train residents of the post-Olympic exemplification neighborhood to a variety of products that showed.

Xanc i Meli

Experienced in the world of deli, Zanc and Meli apply the formula that makes their fish dishes as popular as other culinary favorites. Menu, though abbreviated.

Polleria Fontana

Poleria Fontana is not just a typical chicken eatery. It is also not close to Fontana Metro Station. There is a tapas bar/restaurant between the Joannic metro stations.

Quimet i Quimet

This classic yet small bar filled with dusty bottles of wine on the terrace makes up for the lack of space. features are 'conservative.

La Cova Fumada

This bar has become a favorite spot for a hearty lunch in Barcelona, frequented by people who work in or near the seaside. between iron and marble tables.

La Mundana

The restaurant takes its name from the range of cuisines from around the world that you will find on the menu. Fresh and Spicy Tuna Tataki with Asian Flavors.


A cocktail bar that specializes in top-notch vermouth and vermouth-infused cocktails, and a stock of cured foods, tapas and small dishes that you can order when you get hungry.

La Esquinica

Think of it not as a visit to the lower-to-middle-class neighborhood of Nu Barris, but as an exploration; The queues outside are testament to the great value of tapas.


In this restaurant, Jordi Cruz gives his idea of what a tapas bar should be like. It includes its own versions of classic tapas, such as squid with citronella alioli.

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