Best things to do in Aysen, Chile

Aysen is actually the most sparsely populated in Chile, with only small, remote towns and villages dotted about amongst its wild and unforgiving, yet breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

Located on the Pacific coast of southern Chile, the Laguna San Rafael National Park is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful parts of the country.

1. Laguna San Rafael National Park

Thanks to its remote location that has helped to protect the environment, Queulat National Park is home to a remarkable range of untouched and unspoiled landscape.

2. Queulat National Park

3. Cerro Castillo National Reserve

4. Puerto Rio Tranquilo

5. Coyhaique

6. Villa O'Higgins

7. Lago General Carrera

8. Patagonia Park

9. Cochrane

10. Caleta Tortel

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