Best Things to Do in Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill is a city on Hudson Bay in the far north of Manitoba, Canada. It is best known for the polar bears that live in the area in the fall. Here are the best things to do in Churchill.

Come to Churchill to see the majestic polar bears or the shimmering northern lights, the city's beautiful surroundings are also home to an incredible array of beautiful birds.

10. Bird Watching

Just a short drive from the center of town you can find the amazing Miss Piggy Plane Wreck which crashed just outside of Churchill Airport in 1979.

9. Miss Piggy Plane Wreck

8. Wapusk National Park

7. Dog Sledding

6. Churchill Northern Studies Center

5. Prince of Wales Fort

4. Northern Lights Tours

3. Itsanitaq Museum

2. Beluga Whale Watching

1. Polar Bear Watching

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