10 Best Things to Do in Easton

Easton's location between the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers is a good point because it has made the city rich in commerce, art, culture, and history. Here are 10 of the best things to do in Easton.

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West of Easton, the estate of Oakes Ames (1874–1950) and Blanche Ames (1878–1969) is now a state park, comprising more than 1,800 acres.

1. Borderland State Park

Fonte Gaia is a delight to look at, which is appropriate because "Gaia" means "joyful." This ornate fountain dates back to the mid-14th century.

2. Ames Mansion

3. Easton Historical Society

4. Ames Free Library

5. Children’s Museum in Easton

6. Simpson Spring

7. Queset House

8. Governor Oliver Ames Estate Community Park

9. Oakes Ames Memorial Hall

10. Wheaton Farm Conservation Area

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