Best Things to Do in Gabrovo Province

Located on the northern slope of the Balkan mountain range. This is a very well developed tourist and cultural center, which offers a large selection of places to visit and sights.

1. The Open Air Ethnographic Museum “Etar” (City of Gabrovo).

2. Uzana Geo Center of Bulgaria (Gabrovo Province).

3. Dechkova House Regional History Museum (City of Gabrovo).

4. Sokolski Monastery (Gabrovo Province).

5. Bozhentsi Village (Gabrovo Province).

6. Museum of Satire and Humour (City of Gabrovo).

7. Bulgarka Nature Park (Gabrovo Province).

8. The Old School Museum of Tryavna (Gabrovo Province).

9. Saint Archangel Michael Church in Tryavna (Gabrovo Province).

10. Bacho Kiro Cave (Gabrovo Province)

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