Best Things to Do in Hingham

Hingham has a wonderful abundance of public open space near the water, including the extravagant World's End, Bathing Beach, and Bear Cove Park. This also applies to pasture.

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A place of immense natural beauty, World’s End is a craggy peninsula on a chain of glacial drumlins between the Weir River and Hingham Harbor.

1. World’s End

Encompassing the earliest streets laid out in the town and reaching down to the harbor, Hingham’s upmarket center reaches back almost 400 years.

2. Downtown Hingham

3. Bathing Beach

4. Loring Hall

5. Old Ship Church

6. Hingham Heritage Museum (Hingham Historical Society)

7. Bare Cove Park

8. The Old Ordinary

9. Wompatuck State Park

10. Stodder’s Neck

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