Best Things to Do in Little Crater Lake

Little Crater Lake is one of the most clear in the world. It is located within the Mount Hood National Forest, about an hour and a half southeast of Portland.

1. Take a lot of pictures

Little Crater Lake definition ranks among the most photogenic places in North America, and for this reason, it is deeply recommended to take a lot of photos while you are here.

2. Enjoy the view from the pier

The small pier on the shore of Little Crater Lake gives a very good idea about what the small pond looks like.

3. Look at the information board

Most tourists don’t even notice the information boards, signs and panels when visiting a tourist attraction.

4. Enjoy the surrounding mountain meadows

You will find beautiful emerald green mountain meadows in the area. On hot days during the late summer, they acquire irresistible golden shades.

5. The view to Mount Hood

No matter where you are within Mount Hood National Forest, the majestic silhouette of the mountain dominates the surrounding landscape.

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