Best Things To Do in Martinique

Breathtaking natural beauty is Martinique claim to fame, but no coast offers quite the same views. The north is rugged and green, with views of the majestic Mont Peli volcano.

Schoelcher Library

Schoelcher Library in Fort-de-France should hold a spot on your travel itinerary for its history and ornate design, not for its books.

Anse Cafard Slave Memorial

High on a hill in southwest Martinique are 20 white stone effigies, silently facing Diamond Beach and the Caribbean Sea. They commemorate an 1830 catastrophe.

Les Salines

Habitation Clément

mont pelee

Diamond Beach

La Savane Park (La Savane des Esclaves)

Balata Gardens (Le Jardin de Balata)

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